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Friday, June 11, 2010

Is Project Natal’s New Name ‘Wave’? [Updated]


Rumors have been flying around for weeks stating ‘Wave’ as the new name for Project Natal, the controller-free gaming and entertainment for the Xbox 360. I passed on posting anything on this rumor back when it started because it was debunked right away since Microsoft already has a technology site called Microsoft Wave.

I did think for a minute that maybe Microsoft Wave is a front since it’s only talking future tech, including Project Natal and nothing else really. It also sprung up shortly after last year’s 2009 E3 announcement of Project Natal. Coincidence?

They could still keep Microsoft Wave and have Xbox Wave as well or just ‘Wave’. Microsoft Wave isn’t a product, yet, just the name of their site relating to the freshest developments and products to come out of Microsoft.

I still didn’t think of posting this rumor until I saw a tweet arrive and get deleted seconds later (see UPDATE below) by Danny Pena aka ‘Godfree’ Founder of Gamertag Radio that asked, “Wave or Move?”. This question is asking gamers which motion controller will win their money, “Wave’ (Project Natal) or Move? (Sony’s new motion controller for the PS3).



I tweeted back right away (so I thought, see UPDATE below), “@godfree Wave!!!and the next thing I know, his tweet was removed. I then tweeted back, “@godfree Wait a minute, Wave? So is this (Wave) the official name for Project Natal??? What just happen to your tweet, "Wave or Move?"” I received no response back.

Since @godfree does work closely with Microsoft and the Xbox team and most likely knows the official name for Project Natal, I can only think he posted that question then realized what he did, so deleted it right away. UPDATE: Since he didn’t delete the tweet, he still asked the question as “Wave or Move?”, not “Natal or Move?”, so does he know or was he just throwing out the rumored name as a Anonymous commenter below said?

Everyone tweet @godfree and confront him on this. We wants' to know!


UPDATE: Looks like Godfree didn’t delete the tweet after all. Godfree tweeted, “delete what? http://is.gd/cMvWj lol he was too lazy for not searching? ha!”. Hey, I’m a dude, what do you expect, LOL.

What happened was I had just opened TweetDeck and Godfree’s tweet immediately popped up with the question, “Wave or Move?”. I went to look for the tweet in Tweetdeck to reply and found nothing! I went to twitter and thinking it was just tweeted, still found nothing! That is why I tweeted him back. I’m still waiting for his response.

Now that I’m looking at the timestamp from his tweet, it was tweeted almost two hours before I first saw it, and I thought it had just received the tweet. Thanks TweetDeck!!!

Not a problem. Still, he tweeted ‘Wave’, I have the proof now at least. LOL

UPDATE 2: I just noticed, I received a comment below from Godfree as well saying, “delete? hmmm not really.... http://twitter.com/godfree/status/15657169396”. Yeah, as I stated above, I read the tweets and updated the post. Now what about calling Natal, ‘Wave’? Is it or is it NOT the new name for Project Natal???

Your answer is?


  1. Godfree does not know the real name of Project Natal, I can assure you.

    He was just throwing that out there on Twitter to see what folks thought of the rumored name, against Move.

    When he realized people, like you, were taking it as fact, he deleted since, since assumptions like the ones you made would start popping up.

  2. delete? hmmm not really.... http://twitter.com/godfree/status/15657169396